4 Instances When You Specifically Need a Family Lawyer

There are different instances when you will need a legal representative. However, not any lawyer will fit into your situation. It would be best if you were specific to the legal segment that your case is categorised in. For example, family law deals with family and marital issues. Although this law is clearly defined, it can be complex to identify whether your case lies in this category. Here are the situations enlisted in the family law in which you will need the assistance of a family lawyer:

1. When You Are Planning to Get Married

Marriage is not only a ceremony, but it's a legal and binding affair. When planning to get married, you need to consult a family lawyer for several reasons. First, the lawyer will walk you through your rights and duties as a married person. 

If you and your spouse choose to have a prenup, your family lawyer will also help you draft the document and ensure it is legally accurate. 

2. When Planning a Divorce 

The end of a marriage is a complex affair that may take a long time to settle. The two parties ending the marriage have to divide property and determine who will take custody of the children. In this situation, a family solicitor negotiates the terms of the separation on your behalf. 

3. When You Have a Conflict over the Custody of a Child 

After a divorce, it can be hard to decide who should be awarded the custody of the children. The law has legal stipulations applied in such cases. A family lawyer will advise you on how to approach the matter to ensure that you get full custody of your children.

4. When You Plan to Adopt a Child

Adopting a child is a legal process that involves a lot of paperwork. The government requires you to prove that you are emotionally, financially, mentally and physically ready to take care of the child. As such, you will be required to fill and present certain legal documents. You may also be required to appear in court. A family lawyer will ensure that you fill the paperwork accurately and even represent you in court. 

As seen, there are many instances when you will need the representation of a family lawyer. A seasoned and competent family lawyer increases your chances of winning in a family dispute. Whether you are dealing with divorce, child support or child custody, you should do your due diligence to hire the right lawyer for your case.