Reasons To Hire A Lawyer When Drafting A Prenup

Your family lawyer is your first stop when you intend to divorce your spouse, adopt a child or file a custody case. However, did you know you need the lawyer’s input when drafting your prenup or postnuptial agreement? Most people underestimate the need for legal services when drafting these contracts. Below are several reasons to hire a family lawyer when drawing these contracts.  Protecting Your Interests Most people presume that a prenup or postnuptial agreement is supposed to guarantee a peaceful divorce process.

Critical Roles of a Surrogacy Lawyer

Whether you intend to be a parent or prospective surrogate, hiring a lawyer is a non-negotiable part of the surrogacy journey. Unfortunately, most people believe that working with a surrogacy agency is enough and do not bother looking for an attorney. However, you might struggle to complete a successful surrogacy by doing so. The reason is that surrogacy law is quite complex, and failure to work with a professional in the area can leave you grappling with legal consequences.